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We are Dibby...

First Dibs:

Northern Slang - the first person to call out 'dibs' has the option on first use or the right to share or choose something.



We're an award-winning touring theatre company from Manchester originally set up by Nathaniel Hall, Chris Hoyle (now resigned) and Ross Carey.

We tell urgent and untold stories full of northern wit, grit and soul, but this ain't no kitchen sink drama, we make theatre that will make your heart go boom.

We are activists with a shared desire for social change - we entertain, educate and inspire.

We tackle challenging questions, but we admit hands down, we don't have all the answers.

We are working class and LGBTQ-led, but our stories are universal - everyone is welcome at our party, and we believe partying is a political act.

But the party doesn't end when the curtain comes down...

Workshops, exhibitions, debates, short films, post-show parties - our work reaches far beyond the stage to celebrate the diverse communities we serve.

We are Dibby, and we're a top night out.

Meet the team!

Nathaniel Hall_by Jordan Roberts.jpg

Nathaniel Hall


Co-Artistic Director

Nathaniel is a theatre-maker, writer, performer, producer and HIV activist from Manchester.

He is an expert by experience in the art of storytelling for health and wellbeing.

He is a big fan of the Golden Girls and is a Dad to two dogs, Peggy and Fred.

Our Associates

Rachel Furst, freelance PR Consultant in Arts and Culture

Rachel Furst


PR Consultant

Rachel is a freelance PR Consultant in arts and Culture based in the North West. She is a proud Scot and adopted Manc | @RachelFurst1

Irene Jade, freelance theatre designer and maker

Irene Jade



Irene is a freelance theatre designer and maker. She also makes tiny clothes for tiny people for her online business Rattle and Roost | @IreneJadeDesign

Joel Clements, freelance Technical Designer and Stage Manager

Joel Clements


Technical Stage Manager

Joel is a freelance technical stage manager and LX and SX designer based in Manchester. He is Dad to two boys and lover of Popmaster on Radio 2 | @schmole

Our Partners

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