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Meet the Toxic Team: Josh-Susan Enright

As we approach Toxic at HOME Manchester (18-28 Oct) we're sharing Q&As with the creative team about the show, their own love stories, wild nights out and most importantly, their fave Britney song.

Meet the incredibly talented Josh-Susan, who performs alongside Nathaniel J Hall in the show.


What's your role?

I play the Performer. In more ways than one. The character is definitely a show person.

Why do you think people should see Toxic?

Because despite the title, it’s a play about healing and learning. We all have toxicity in us mostly stemming from traumas, this play provides a form of catharsis for them to be released, starting discussions so people can move forward.

Craziest night out?

To be honest, I probably don’t remember the craziest, there are a lot of gaps in my memory. But I did once wake up in a bar loo. As I came out the staff were just locking the front door. Thank god I caught them in time. However, after I did then go back and forth on the bus home about four times cos' I kept falling asleep and missing my stop.

First heartbreak?

The boy in my secondary school form class who fancied my best friend. Cute and funny. Often wonder what he’s up to now.

Fave Britney track?

Lucky, I broke my cassette tape of that song cos' I played it so much rewinding the tape to listen to it multiple times before bed. Also adored the music video.

Find out more about Toxic and book tickets here

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