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Meet the Toxic Team: Lu Herbert

As we approach Toxic at HOME Manchester (18-28 Oct) we're sharing Q&As with the creative team about the show, their own love stories, wild nights out and most importantly, their fave Britney song.

This week it’s set and costume designer Lu Herbert (whose jaw-dropping set we saw just this week and cannot wait to share with you). They fill us in on their first heartbreak, fave Britney classics, and their run in with Lewis Capaldi…


What's your role?

My role on the project is Set and Costume designer, which I’m so excited to be!

Why do you think people should see Toxic?

Reading Toxic for the first time was so special, and I think that a show this special deserves to be seen by lots of people - it’s so beautifully written and the team Dibby have brought together are really spectacular, it’s such a joy to be able to collaborate with such exciting creatives and make beautiful, meaningful work.

Craziest night out?

Probably when I was absolutely ratted in Nice n’ Sleazy in Glasgow and overly enthusiastically introduced myself to Lewis Capaldi. I’d only seen his TikToks so proceeded to tell him he was a funny comedian - hadn’t heard his music yet and didn’t know he’d made any.

First heartbreak?

Oof. Watching Bridge to Terabithia for the first time. Went to the cinema thinking it was a happy film…

Fave Britney track?

Baby One More Time, absolute classic. Or if I’m feeling absolutely feral, If You Seek Amy.

Find out more about Toxic and book tickets here

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