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Meet the Toxic Team: Scott Le Crass

As we approach Toxic at HOME Manchester (18-28 Oct) we're sharing Q&As with the creative team about the show, their own love stories, wild nights out and most importantly, their fave Britney song.

This week it’s director Scott Le Crass on his top Britney tracks, the boy who broke his heart three times, and why he thinks you should see the show.


Photo: Bonnie Britain

What's your role? Director.

Why do you think people should see Toxic? Because it’s bold, intimate and honest.

Craziest night out? There are too many too choose one from!

First heartbreak? My first proper boyfriend, James. He actually broke my heart three times, but that's quite a long story...

Fave Britney track?

Work Bitch or Radar.

Find out more about Toxic and book tickets here

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