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Meet the Toxic Team: SHAR

In the run up to Toxic at HOME Manchester (18-28 Oct) we'll be sharing Q&As with the creative team about the show, their own love stories AND most importantly, their favourite Britney tracks.

First up it's artist and sound designer SHAR 👀

SHAR is a white woman wearing a patterned pink shirt, with curly brown and blonde hair and leopard print glasses. She is sat in front of a sound desk, laughing, head turned to the side.

What's your role?


Why do you think people should see Toxic?

It’s gonna be dead sexeh, a ride and a blummin' fun one at that! On first read of the script it made me blush like never before- strap in folx!

Craziest night out?

Early 2000s, London, LOTS of sweat and a whole weekend is all I can possibly divulge.

First heartbreak?

When my first dog died... even though he was grumpy sod, very selective about who he gave his love and attention to, and bit me in the actual face once (was totally my fault, don’t feel sorry for me).

Fave Britney track?

Overprotected, all day long (free Britters!)

Find out more about Toxic and book tickets here

See more about SHAR's work here

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