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Meet the Toxic Team: Tracey Gibbs

With Toxic in full swing at HOME Manchester (18-28 Oct) we're sharing Q&As with the the people making the magic happen behind the scenes on our blog. Find out all about their own love stories, wild nights out and most importantly, their fave Britney song.

Get to know our lighting angel Tracey Gibbs in this week's Meet the Team blog. Hacienda folks and farmers might be our fave night out from the team yet.


What's your role?

Lighting Designer.

Why do you think people should see Toxic?

It’s a brilliant piece of new writing - questioning and thought provoking and promises surprises from every angle - buckle up for the ride!

Craziest night out?

A rave at a farm somewhere over Woodhead Pass where an adventurer friend was living in their barn. A mix of Hacienda folks and farmers... was surreal. I have a lasting memory of thinking how large farmers' hands were as they were all punching the air...

First heartbreak?

Can’t remember his name, but being stood up in Birmingham at the Rum Runner. I was dressed in my New Romantic finest (or as much as I could as a school kid) to get into the club for the first time. I think not going in was the real heartbreak! I put that right a few months later.

Fave Britney track?

Toxic. I know! But it was the first time Britney made me go uhmm.

Find out more about Toxic and book tickets here

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